How the FORM-A-FUNNEL was invented

Hey, Kev here.

Several people have asked me over the years how I came up with the invention that is now called FORM-A-FUNNEL. Well, it’s true that necessity (or maybe cleanliness) really is the mother of invention.

Years ago I was changing the oil on a Cessna 182. Before removing the oil filter, I considered the huge mess that would be made from the dripping oil. I thought about using a funnel, but there is no standard funnel that could fit inside an aircraft engine with this tight configuration. I thought for sure someone would have a solution for this problem so I talked to the local airport mechanics to see what type of special device I could purchase to capture the oil. Everyone I spoke with said there was no such device and that their solution was to stick rags inside the engine compartment. Ugh, that sounded pretty messy. I thought to myself, there must be a better way.

I thought about something thin, that I could mold to the configuration I needed and that would also retain it’s shape. My first thought was to use a thin sheet of metal that could conform to any tight space and retain its shape with little spring back. I tried it out and it worked great, but I couldn’t possibly use a sheet of metal and risk cutting any electric wiring. So, I ordered some nitrile rubber to create a sandwich around the metal and made sure it had a rubber lip so it wouldn’t scratch or cut anything and yet still maintain its strength. I tried it out and it actually worked. Bingo.

I started showing my prototype around and asking friends, auto mechanics and even professional airline pilots to look at the product in action to see if this could help them. People were excited by the product’s simplicity and usefulness and several said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

It took a lot of hard work, but it’s exciting to see my invention become an actual product that people everywhere are using. FORM-A-FUNNEL, Inc. is a small, family owned and operated business and our product is available for purchase at

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How the FORM-A-FUNNEL was invented

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